Life in the UK Test » Test 43

1. Hadrian's Wall was built
by the Piets (ancestors of the Scottish people) to keep out the Romans
on the orders of the Roman Emperor Hadrian
2. EastEnders and Coronation Street are
popular television programmes
historical landmarks
3. How often does Prime Minister's Questions occur when Parliament is sitting?
Every day
Once a week
Once a month
Twice a year
4. For much of the Stone Age, Britain was connected to the continent by a
Telephone line
Land bridge
Power line
5. The Speaker of the House of Commons is
Appointed by the Prime Minister
Heir to the throne
An ordinary MP
Appointed by the Queen
6. The Queen is ceremonial head of
The Commonwealth
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
7. ______ is the national flower of Wales
The rose
The thistle
The daffodil
The shamrock
8. As part of the citizenship ceremony, new citizens pledge to uphold its democratic values
9. A treaty gave independence to the south of Ireland in 1921
10. Members of the armed forces cannot stand for public office
11. The longest distance on the mainland is about ______ from John O'Groats on the north coast of Scotland to Land's End in the south-west corner of England
460 miles
870 miles
1540 miles
2068 miles
12. In the mid-17th century, the Civil War between Charles I and Parliament led to Oliver Cromwell becoming king of England
False At the end of the Civil War, England became a republic and Oliver Cromwell was made Lord Protector
13. In the 1830s and 1840s a group called the Chartists campaigned for reform of the voting system
14. A jury is made up of
People who are members of political parties
People randomly chosen from the electoral register
People who have submitted an application form and been accepted
People working in court under judge
15. Benefits of volunteering are:
(Choose any 2 answers)
Meeting new people
Earning additional money
Making your community a better place
You are given a free bus pass to travel around the town
16. During the 'Great Depression' of the 1930s, major new Industries developed were:
(Choose any 2 answers)
Coal mining
17. You can serve on a jury up to the age of 75
False The age limit for jury service is 70
18. Members of Parliament (MPs) are responsible for:
(Choose any 2 answers)
Supporting the government on all decisions and laws
Scrutinising and commenting on what the government is doing
Representing everyone in their constituency
Representing only those who voted for them
19. Who can only give 'advice, warn and encourage' about government matters?
Prime Minister
Members of the public
The Queen
20. ______ and his wife Jane Daly introduced 'shampooing', the Indian art of head massage, to Britain
Richard Arkwright
Robert Burns
Sake Dean Mahomet
Isaac Newton
21. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is responsible for the ______
Legal affairs
22. The National Citizen Service provides military training to young people
False The National Citizen Service provides an excellent opportunity for all young people to mix and become great friends
23. The Battle of Britain in 1940 was fought
at the border
in the skies
at sea
24. Once you are aged 17 or older, you can learn to drive
(Choose any 2 answers)
Heavy goods vehicle
Motor cycle
Fire engine

The test is based on the offical book "Life in the UK Handbook 3rd Edition: A Guide for New Residents #ad"