Life in the UK Test » Test 40

1. ______ worked on steam power which helped the progress of the Industrial Revolution
Adam Smith
James Watt
Howard Florey
David Hume
2. Sake Dean Mahomet
introduced curry houses and shampooing to Britain from India
is famous for introducing tea-drinking and bungalows to Britain from India
3. What flower is traditionally worn by people on Remembrance Day?
4. Elderly population is being declined in the UK
False The UK has an ageing population and people in the UK are living longer than ever before, there are now a record number of people aged 85 and over
5. A driving licence held by a driver over 70 should be renewed ______
Every year
Every 3 years
Every 5 years
Every 10 years
6. The 'Swinging Sixties' refers to the 1860s
False The 'Swinging Sixties' is associated with the 1960s as it was a period of rapid social change, including a growth in popular music and fashion
7. How many years as queen did Queen Elizabeth II celebrate at her jubilee in 2012?
8. Who opens the new parliamentary session each year in the UK?
The monarch
The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Speaker of the House of Commons
The Prime Minister
9. The first professional UK football clubs were formed in the late
16th century
17th century
18th century
19th century
10. A new version of the official flag of the United Kingdom was created in 1801 it is often called ______
the Union Jack
the Royal Banner
the British Standard
the St George Cross
11. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland?
St David
St Andrew
St Patrick
St George
12. How are proceedings in Parliament recorded?
By secretaries
By radio and Morse code
By TV and Hansard
By tape recorder
13. Which of these people are famous UK sports stars?
(Choose any 2 answers)
Sir Chris Hoy
Jane Austen
Lucien Freud
Dame Kelly Holmes
14. Magna Carta was important because
it established a new system of free education
it limited the power of the monarch
it gave women legal rights
it gave all men the vote
15. Important aspects of the Reform Act of 1832 were:
(Choose any 2 answers)
It gave women the vote
It decreased the power of the monarch
It abolished rotten boroughs
It increased the number of people who could vote
16. The first Jews to come to Britain since the Middle Ages settled in London in ______
17. Which court deals usually with divorce cases in Scotland?
Sheriff Court
Magistrates Court
High Court
County Court
18. What type of government was formed after the General Election of 2010?
19. What is Hogmanay?
A Scottish celebration on New Year
A Welsh celebration on 27th December
The day after Christmas Day
A type of pork meal enjoyed by Scots
20. From age ______, you can be asked to serve on a jury
21. Which of these were famous Victorians?
(Choose any 2 answers)
Dylan Thomas
Florence Nightingale
Isambard Kingdom Brunei
Margaret Thatcher
22. Which of the following sporting events was hosted in London in 2012?
the Commonwealth Games
the Paralympic Games
the Cricket World Cup
the European Football Championship
23. 'The Restoration' refers to the re-establishment of Catholicism as the official Church in the 15th century
False 'The Restoration' refers to the re-establishment of the monarchy in 1660, when Charles II returned from exile after being invited back by Parliament
24. Some people rent land called ______, where they grow fruit and vegetables
'an rentment'
'a shipment'
'an allotment'
'a tablement'

The test is based on the offical book "Life in the UK Handbook 3rd Edition: A Guide for New Residents #ad"