Life in the UK Test » Test 32

1. Isaac Newton discovered that white light is made up of the colours of the rainbow
Yes, this is correct
No, white light made up from the sun
2. The best-known work of ______ is probably the song Auld Lang Syne, which is sung by people in the UK and other countries when they are celebrating the New Year
Isaac Newton
Robert Burns
Howard Florey
Ernest Rutherford
3. Set of written rules governing how laws can be made, and setting out the rights and duties of citizens that can be enforced is called a
The Law
4. Oliver Cromwell was given the title of ______ and ruled until his death in 1658
Lord Victor
Lord Lucan
Lord Sefton
Lord Protector
5. In Scotland, a third verdict of 'not proven' is also possible
Yes, it's correct
No, only 'guilty' or 'not guilty' are allowed
6. Before the 18th century, ______ was the biggest source of employment in Britain
creating the new roads to join small villages
building properties
7. The UK has a free press
This means that what is written in newspapers is free from government control
This means any information is free to view in the newspaper
This means all the information is in the newspapers can also be found in Hansard
8. The Eden Project is located in ______, in the south west of England
9. When did Britain join the European Union?
10. The UN Security Council members recommends action when there are
(Choose any 2 answers)
international crises
threats to peace
shared goals in democracy
shared goals in development
11. What discount on television licence is offered to blind people?
12. On the official flag of the UK, The name of the diagonal white cross on a blue ground is the cross of
St Andrew
St George
St Patrick
St Thomas
13. Several of the cathedrals such as York Minster had windows of stained glass, telling stories about
(Choose any 2 answers)
The Bible
The Vikings
The Romans
Christian saints
14. If you wish to be a permanent resident or citizen of the UK, you should
respect and obey the law
respect the rights of other, including the right to their own opinions
look after yourself and your family
treat others with fairness
look after the area in which you live and the environment
All of the above
15. People usually decorate their houses during Christmas holidays
16. Who wrote the United Kingdom's constitution?
Queen Victoria
King George III
Winston Churchill
Nobody, it's an unwritten constitution
17. Henry Tudor was the first king of
the House of Tudor
the House of Lancaster
the House of York
18. During the Industrial Revolution there were no laws to protect employees, who were often forced to work long hours in dangerous situations
Yes, this is correct
No, there were strict laws to protect employees
19. There are charities which may help people who cannot afford to pay a vet
20. After the death of Oliver Cromwell, his son, Richard, became ______
Lord Victor
Lord Protector
Lord Lucan
Lord Sefton
21. People might be taken to court if they owe money to someone
22. In the beginning, the number of people who had the right to vote for members of Parliament was still very small
(Choose any 2 answers)
Only women who owned property of a certain value were able to vote
Only men who owned property of a certain value were able to vote
Only women aged 30 had the right to the vote
No women at all had the right to the vote
23. If you face problems with discrimination, you can get more information from the Citizens Advice Bureau
24. Who was known as 'The Bard' in Scotland?
Isaac Newton
Howard Florey
Ernest Rutherford
Robert Burns

The test is based on the offical book "Life in the UK Handbook 3rd Edition: A Guide for New Residents #ad"