Life in the UK Test » Test 30

1. Everyone who is summoned to do jury service must do it unless they
(Choose any 2 answers)
want to go to work
are not eligible for example, because they have a criminal conviction
provide a good reason to be excused, such as ill health
want to attend a wedding party
2. Richard Arkwright originally trained and worked as a
zoo keeper
3. The UN was set up
before the first World War
after the First World War
before the Second World War
after the Second World War
4. Cocaine and Heroin are ______
Name of the European famous places
Famous Hotels
5. Arranged marriages, where both parties agree to the marriage, are not acceptable in the UK
Yes, it's correct
No, it is acceptable
6. Shakespeare wrote
'To be or not to be'
'We will fight them on the beaches'
7. In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement
devolved powers to Wales
led to the establishment of the Northern Ireland Assembly
devolved powers to Scotland
8. The UK belongs to international bodies which includes:
(Choose any 2 answers)
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
The Arab League
The Commonwealth
9. Famous British fashion designers are:
(Choose any 2 answers)
Vivienne Westwood
Mary Quant
Capability Brown
Edwin Lutyens
10. Developments associated with the 'Swinging Sixties' are:
(Choose any 2 answers)
Divorce law reform
Children's rights law reform
Decimal currency
Abortion law reform
11. St Helena is a Crown dependency
False St Helena is a British overseas territory
12. Henry VII established the House of Tudor, ______ rose became the Tudor emblem
Red and white
Pink and red
Pink and white
13. Where can people see the Crown Jewels?
Edinburgh Castle
The Lake District
The Eden Project
The Tower of London
14. Important 20th-century inventors were:
(Choose any 2 answers)
Anders Celsius
George Stephenson
Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (1955-)
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Alan Turing invented an early mathematical device that led to the development of the computer (1912-1954)
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
15. King Henry VIII created the Church of England when the Pope refused to grant him a divorce
16. By the middle of the ______ the last Welsh rebellions had been defeated
14th century
15th century
16th century
17th century
17. An example of a criminal offence is
breaches of contract
being in debt
carrying a weapon
18. People vote in elections at
(Choose any 2 answers)
local school
polling stations
local library
polling places in Scotland
19. In the Battle of ______ the Scottish army were defeated by the army led by Cromwell
Bosworth Field
Dunbar and Worcester
Marston Moor
20. If you are an EU citizen living in the United Kingdom you can vote in all British public elections
False All elections except General Elections
21. The Church of Scotland is a ______ Church
Roman Catholic
22. St David is the Patron Saint of ______
Northern Ireland
23. The Reform Act of 1832 ______ the number of voters
24. Henry VIII is an important English monarch because
He re-established the Catholic Church in England
He broke from the Church of Rome
He established the RAF
He invaded Sweden

The test is based on the offical book "Life in the UK Handbook 3rd Edition: A Guide for New Residents #ad"